Conectado - about the book

From back cover

Find out what is behind phenomenon like blogs, MSN, Orkut, Wikipedia and YouTube. Written by Juliano Spyer, who has been developing collaborative projects for 10 years in Brazil and abroad, Conectado is an original contribution to contemporary debates as content piracy, privacy invasion and censorship on the Web. It has the virtue of dealing with technology without being a technical book, and introducing subjects that affect society without jargons common in academic studies. It brings practical information on how to form and cultivate virtual communities and describes the internet's most important cases.

Here the reader will learn about the most original collaboration projects related to education, business, communication and social activism. And while reading, internet users will be able to share and discuss their experiences with each other and with the author through a website.

From Caio Túlio Costa's* preface

Very few times I saw so much well-written information and argumentation as in Conectado. There is here an enormous capacity of grouping quality information, analyzing phenomenon, explaining techniques, and universalizing experiences. ... It's a book, at the same time, technical and humanist, instructive and profound. It goes far beyond the common-places of works produced in Brazil about this new industry.

*Founder of Universo Online (UOL) and presidente of iG, Brasil Telecom's internet arm.

A bet on the value of open communication

Conectado is a manual that introduces how online communication works theoretically and practically. It presents case studies and debates the consequences and challenges of living in an interconnected world. It's underlying objective it to help expand the common person's access and control of the media.

Know about this project's history - in Portuguese.